Monday, June 1, 2015

My Interview with the Sunday Star Times!

Hello everyone!

A few months ago, I was catching up on some kiwi stories on my regular news site,, when I saw a call for expat stories at the bottom of an interview. As you guys know, I always like sharing my experiences as an expat, and I especially love encouraging people to come and visit Japan. So I sent in an email asking if they'd be interested in my story, and happily a lovely journalist replied, we got talking, and they sent me a list of questions to answer.

I love the title they used!
In April, my interview was published in the Sunday Star Times, New Zealand's largest Sunday paper, and online at stuff news! It was such a fun experience to answer their questions, remember some happy memories in Japan, and take a look at life here with fresh eyes again. I actually had no idea if or when it would be published, but I woke up one day and my family and friends had all sent me pictures and links to the story in print and online. I was so surprised, but everyone had such a nice reaction to it that I felt really happy it went ahead!

You can read the full interview online here!

If you're a kiwi expat yourself, why not consider emailing the Sunday Star Times travel section, too? It's a great opportunity to tell your story, and I really recommend it.

- Annabelle.


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