Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five: Feelings Every* EFL Teacher Has Had

Feelings: aside from psychopaths and robots, we all have them. As an EFL teacher, I find myself in loads of awkward, hilarious, annoying, and high-five-worthy situations every day - so for today's Friday Five, I thought I'd share some of the feelings I commonly experience on the job. Sure, I could have written in detail about it all, but sometimes you just have to let Jim Carey and friends do the talking(/miming).

5. The overwhelming urge to giggle when reading a student's carefully written work.

This is my favourite thing any student of mine has ever written.
This is the same expression I made when they showed it to me. I want to be somebody's favourite face, too.
4. The sense of loss when, five minutes before your first class:
"Annabelle, all your classes are cancelled today"

3. The panic when, five minutes before the first class of the day:
"Annabelle, you have five extra classes today. Starting now."

2. The indignity when a non-native speaker corrects your English.

Turns out if you respond like this once, nobody ever corrects you again.
1. The combined happiness/surprise when students laugh at your lame jokes.

Being an EFL teacher is a lot more like being Miss Chanandler Bong than you'd think.
*By every, I mean some. Every sounds better. Don't freak out about it.

Have you had any experiences like these, or did I miss a typical one off the list? I have loads more of these I want to share, so let me know in the comments below!

- Annabelle


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