Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Expat Resources: The International Wanderer

I really like to keep on top of resources for current and to-be expats, for a lot of reasons. Of course I want to spread the word about the Origami Kiwi blog, as I want to reach out to people and share my experiences of the wonderful country that is Japan. But I also want to help any readers who are looking for information beyond what this blog can offer; I want to give readers places they can go, and sites they can search. So I've started a tab up the top for links to recommended sites. I'll be including links to both blogs and expat sites, and I'm sure other kinds of resources as they crop up.

I'm starting off with The International Wanderer. This really useful site has information on destinations (including expat communities, yay!), visas, opportunities for work, internships, study abroad, scholarships, volunteering, travel recommendations, blogs...it really has it all! It's also a very well-presented site. A lot of sites for expats unfortunately seem a bit stuck in the 90s, design-wise, but The International Wanderer is very modern and easy to navigate. Clearly I'm a fan, so check out their self-description below, and head on over!  

The International Wanderer

Love to wander? Visit this inspiring live and travel abroad resource! Guides for every country with destination information on how to work, study or volunteer, working holiday & other visas. A global expat community directory. Travel tips & expert advice via a travel and expat blog. Thousands of volunteer abroad, study abroad, jobs abroad and intern abroad opportunities & global “things to do” and “where to stay”options to help you plan and book your trip.


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