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I've delivered countless 自己紹介/jikoshoukai/self introduction lessons to my students, so I thought it was about time I do the same for this blog!

I'm Annabelle. I was born in 1991, in a town just out of Wellington, New Zealand. I have a mum, dad, and two older brothers - all of whom pop up in various posts on this blog.

I had a pretty normal kiwi childhood. I travelled around the country with my family often during school holidays. We went to Australia a few times, including to the Gold Coast when I was 9, which is probably the first international trip I remember well. When I was 14, I visited Rarotonga in the Cook Islands for the first time. Around that time, I also started studying Mandarin Chinese at high school, which would spark an interest in China which stays with me to this day. Whilst studying Chinese, I happened to hear about the JET Programme, and also developed an interest in Japan. A year later, I started working at a local supermarket, a job I would progress through for the next six years, and which funded not only a lot of my travel, but also my future university studies.

Me as a child on holiday in Australia.

When I was 17, I visited Hawaii with my parents, which was the first trip I took out of Oceania. I became really interested in travelling, and took more trips to Australia over the next few years. After high school, I enrolled at Victoria University of Welington, and graduated three years later with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Chinese and Second Language Education. I then re-enrolled for one more year to study a Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching. That year, I spent about four months at two very different elementary schools in my town as part of my teacher training.

A beautiful beach we visited in Hawaii.
After graduating from that programme, I had some big choices to make. The job market for primary teachers in New Zealand wasn't great, and I had a serious case of wanderlust. I remembered, and applied for the JET Programme. It was a long wait to hear if I had been accepted, during which time I travelled to China for an amazing three week tour of the mainland and Hong Kong. By the time I returned to NZ, I had been confirmed as a participant of the JET Programme, and there were only a couple of months until my departure date.

Resting in the Forbidden City, Beijing.
On August 4th 2013, I left New Zealand for my new home in Tochigi, Japan. I was diving head first into a country I'd never visited, a language I didn't speak, and colleagues and a job I didn't know. There were ups and downs of course, but luckily, I was able to adapt well to life in Japan, and I fell in love with my new home. I made lots of new friends, experienced a whole new culture, developed my skills as a teacher, and enjoyed travelling the country with family and friends - so much so that I signed on for a second year here!

Shinkyo bridge, in the beautiful town of Nikko, Tochigi.
I started this blog as a way to share my time in Japan with family, friends, and people interested in the JET Programme or Japan in general. I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful. I'd love to hear from readers, so do leave a comment, and keep checking out Origami Kiwi for more love from Japan and New Zealand to the world!

- Annabelle.


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