Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Haere Mai - Welcome!

Kia ora, friends!

I was so ready for this!
Well, I'm back home in Aotearoa New Zealand! I arrived at noon yesterday after an 11 hour flight from Tokyo Narita Airport to Auckland International Airport.From there, it's a delightfully short 1 hour flight from Auckland to Wellington. I flew with Air New Zealand, and both of my flights were pleasant enough - you can only have so much of a good time on long haul. With the recent Air Malaysia tragedies, I'll admit I was feeling edgier than usual about flying. A bit of turbulence on the first flight had me literally wringing my hands, but the second flight seemed as if it was over before it had even began. I couldn't sleep well on the flights, but I did get to watch three pretty good movies, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Grand Budhapest Hotel, and...Finding Nemo. ^^;

I watched the sun rise over the clouds from my window seat. 
I do have to give great props to the Air NZ hostesses. On my first flight, there was a bit of a mishap, as I thought I'd ordered a vegetarian meal but they didn't have one for me. I've no idea whose fault it really was, mine or theirs, but anyway, they had an extra vegetarian meal on hand (it definitely wasn't mine as it had someone else's name written on it - hopefully nobody missed out on one!) so I got that which was great. One flight attendant then went the extra mile by asking if I had any more flights coming up, and got me to fill out a meal request form so that I would definitely get a vegetarian meal on it. She was really lovely and thoughtful! Later on, as I was getting off the plane, I noticed my keychain (a small bear with my birth date on it, a present from my mum) had gone missing. I looked under the seats but couldn't find it, and I was becoming quite sad cause I'd brought it especially with me to show my mum. I asked a different flight attendant, and luckily another passenger had found it and left it on a seat which she pointed out to me! I was so happy birthday bear wasn't lost for good!

That afternoon, my mum was able to pick me up from the airport. We went and had lunch in town with one of my brothers (I got a burrito, yeeeeesssss), and then I went home. After hanging out for a bit I went and had a nap, then tea, then watched some tv and went to sleep for ages. Just like a proper holiday!

My old bedroom, lovingly arranged for my stay by my mum :)
I'm really looking forward to spending lots of time with all my family and friends, and soaking in the kiwiana. I'll be making a few posts about my trip along the way, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy this break from your scheduled programming of Japan-related posts ;)

- Annabelle.


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