Sunday, February 24, 2013

JET: Things to Take.

I've recently been thinking a lot about what I should take to Japan if I get to go, and what would be easier to buy over there. Of course part of me just says TAKE ALL THE THINGS and wants to transport my whole house (family and friends included) over there! But that would hardly be an adventure. So I've researched a little, and thought a little, and I've decided to make an evolving list of things to take with me.

Laptop (buy a new one, or will my netbook be enough?)
Hair straighteners (unless mum wants them too much).

Photo album!
Fuzzy and sheepie :P.
Duvet cover.
A few tv shows on dvd.

Make a New Zealand album - a book with photos of my town, my life, and typical NZ things.
Kiwi music, tv shows or movies on dvd etc.
Clear files with lesson ideas.
Teaching and language learning textbooks.

Supplements; iron pills and fibre (research tells me supplementss are very expensive in Japan).
Kiwi food! Gingernuts, reduced cream and onion soup.
Yearly supply of contacts (just one less thing to think about) and two pairs of glasses.

Food; manuka honey, kiwifruit chocolate.
Wine from duty free?
Clay/porcelain decorations (very popular here and there are some lovely ones in gift shops).
Books about NZ? (Very heavy to take!)
Photo frames.

- Annabelle


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